AUGUST 5, 2018  |  BY: JESSICA P. 

Our Operations wizard reviewed a popular vape brand & hint, hint: it's a winner across the board. 

As someone who suffers from severe mold allergies, I have my fair share of concerns with the consistency and quality of the cannabis products I consume. Preface: I’m usually very skeptical about pre-packaged products, especially concentrates.


Based jointly out of Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, W Vapes was founded in 2015. I purchased their cartridges off a recommendation from one of the best growers I know, who only carries W Vapes brand concentrates in his store. I later discovered that they had purchased flower for some of their cartridges from a friend of mine who produces some of the best flavored oil I’ve ever tried (I usually hate the flavored stuff), which only gave me more confidence in the quality of W Vapes’ concentrates.


First, ALL of their products are lab tested and you can find the test results for every strain on their website, complete with a breakdown of the cannabinoid potency, terpene profile, microbiological analysis, and pesticide content of each strain.

While I don’t think that lab testing is definitive proof of a product’s quality or efficacy, I do think it’s a good show of faith for consumers and holds manufacturers more accountable to the standards they claim.

The product is well packaged, and I’m a big fan of the cartridges with metal mouthpieces. This one had a nice weight to it, not too heavy or too light. I had lost my previous battery, so I picked up the W Vapes brand battery as well, which is a nice and compact 510 threaded, pen-style battery with a push-to-fire button. It comes with a USB style charger which features a light that signals green when your battery is fully charged. Between the quality of the cartridge itself and the convenience of the battery, I was immediately impressed.

The biggest selling point for me was the lack of solvents used in the extraction process, just pure CO2.

One of my previous gripes with pens and other concentrates was the throat tickle I would get whenever I used them.

All the cartridges I’ve had from W Vapes were luxuriously smooth on my throat and lungs, making it a nice alternative for when my respiratory system is a little cashed from smoking flower. Plus, I personally like having a pen on me when I go out for when I’m feeling anxious or my appetite is low.

The Sour Diesel cartridge I purchased boasted an 82% THC percentage, which is incredibly potent considering how mild the vapor was. Due to its low terpene content, it had a nice mellow flavor and gives you a very therapeutic feeling high that slowly creeps up on you.

When I’m purchasing a cartridge, I’m looking for something that I can puff on throughout the day that will take the edge off my anxiety, but will also allow me to maintain my energy and productivity level throughout the day. While I want something potent, sometimes I get anxious if I feel too lethargic.


Sour Diesel takes a Skunk phenotype and combines it with two of my all-time favorite strains: Chemdawg and Northern Lights, staples of a devout sativa fanatic such as myself. W Vapes uses a very well-bred Sour Diesel for it’s oils, resulting in a true sativa high and flavor profile. Sometimes sativas like Chemdawg are a little too stimulating for me and can put my anxiety over the edge. Sour Diesel hits the sweet spot for me, and a good Sour Diesel will give you a nice, dreamy high that won’t fog up your brain when you come down.

Almost immediately after hitting the pen, I felt an instant sense of euphoria and a small jolt of energy, as if I drank a strong cup of green tea. The initial burst faded in about five minutes, and subsequently evened out into an invigorating head high that calmed my nerves.

My cannabis provider describes the high as “medicinal,” and I have to agree. When I’m anxious or stressed, I clench my jaw and tighten up the muscles in my neck and shoulders which results in shoulder and arm pain, headaches and migraines, and chipped or cracked teeth. I felt like this oil helped reduce a lot of my physical tension, and I would recommend it for people suffering from mild to moderate muscle tension and its painful effects.

My cartridge cost just under $38 with California sales tax, which is not unreasonable for a cartridge containing half of a gram of oil. The battery was about $20, which is also a comparable price point, especially considering the length of the battery life (I can usually go about two to three days between charges, and I puff on it throughout each day). My only real gripe with this product is that it’s only available at one of the usual storefronts I frequent, but the store locator shows that 10 locations within a 10 mile radius of my city carry W Vapes, so maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right places. Either way, they’re definitely not as widely available as products like Brass Knuckles.

Overall, I really enjoy the W Vapes brand concentrates and I feel that they manufacture a product I can trust. For me, this product calms my nerves while allowing me to remain productive during the day, but also helps me relax my muscles and boosts my appetite without giving me uncontrollable munchies.

I would recommend this brand of oil to anyone looking for a concentrate with no added solvents or terpenes for a product that goes down smoothly and gives a mellow high. If you’re looking for an oil with added terpenes or flavors with a more intense high and a stronger flavor, I would suggest looking at Brite Labs, which I believe has a higher terpene content.






Jessica | Writer, Operations Wizard, QPOC.





Photo by: Imtylerv