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STONED SOBER: Lainie Ruth's Story

Today I am alive, well, and sober over 10 years because of cannabis.

Speaking properly, I use cannabis as a medication-assisted-treatment (MAT), also known as harm-reduction therapy for my substance use disorder. Not only does cannabis maintain my sobriety, it also aides my chronic back pain and debilitating panic attacks.

As a young child, I encountered severe emotional/verbal abuse and suffered multiple incidents of sexual abuse. My addictive behaviors began soon after, at around 10 years old. I would sneak wine out of the refrigerator at night and would steal cigarettes whenever I had the chance. At 15 years old, I was forced out of a long running soccer career by fracturing my lower back during a game. I was left with persistent pain and a lost identity, which sent my substance use disorder into hyper-speed.

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