She Believes In The Power of Food as Medicine & That Certain Plants Help Raise Our Vibrations. Can You Guess Which Plant Was Our Fav To Dish On?

Obviously it’s the cannabis plant that brought this majestic human into our world, yet it’s the light that radiates that keeps us following along!

Whether you’re seeking outrageously delicious and healthy recipes, one-on-one health coaching, photography & design services, or modern plant education, the brain behind is your woman!

She graciously sat down with Cannabis for Breakfast to talk an unbridled relationship with health|wellness and how it’s helped shape her approach to coaching others.

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The Glam Witch on Herbalism, Hair, & Being a Businesswoman in a Mans World.

We sat down with San Francisco stylist, dancer, and herbalist Rachel Helzer to hear her cannabis wellness & entrepreneur journey—but what we got was enough wisdom to last til infinity!

No, seriously. If you find yourself doubting your body, yourself, or your direction in life, give this interview a read. It reminds us to work hard and listen our gut, but to always leave time to dance.  

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Hey, Chronically-Ill, Sad Girls— We Found Your Lane.

I was born and raised in a small town in the state of Sonora, Mexico, where my family and I lived with my abuelos. My Nana Amalia was my favorite person in the world. She grew beautiful cannabis plants, which she used to make her own tinctures and oils.


My family immigrated to the US when I was five, and it took a huge toll on me. I was away from my nana— and she was my everything. The move was overwhelming to say the least. I was immersed into school and I spoke absolutely zero English. It was terrifying. Then from the ages of six to seven, I experienced severe trauma that would forever change me. Shortly after that, my family began our citizenship process, which meant we weren’t allowed to return to Mexico (and wouldn’t be able for many, many years to come). I was alone with my trauma.

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I have a confession and it might sound a tad eccentric. I use cannabis.

Mama Ganja helps me from my brain, to my lady bits, and everything in between. But I'll be honest with you, I used to cringe when I found out about someone's "dirty grass habit."  

What I knew about cannabis mirrored what I knew about sexual education, at the time. It was scary; and only for those destined for failure, welfare, or jail cells. I’d probably die if I had tried it! Seriously? 

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