Disability Injustice: A Medical Refugee’s Plea for Safe & Affordable Access to Cannabis.

Welcome to Life with Chronic Illness. We live in a society where  if an animal has endured suffering, the masses come running; yet when a human falls ill and endures suffering, often they’re told to just be stronger?

We’re conditioned from a very young age to push through whatever life throws us; at least I was. But what if the obstacles can’t be moved? What if the obstacles, many of which cause daily, unfathomable pain, never go away? Welcome to life with chronic illness.

Before illness took over my life, I was living the dream. I was a career woman on top of my field, checking off the boxes society puts forth. Nothing could stop me, or so I thought. As my disability progressed, my limitations grew more and more and eventually, my career and life as I knew it was completely gone. I went doctor after doctor thinking there has to be a way to help me, to fix me, but unfortunately there were no fixes and little help. I am in fact permanently disabled.

Being chronically ill is a full time job, except without the pay and no off time. Each and every second of the day my life is consumed with pain and taking care of myself, to the best of my ability. For many daily tasks, I need assistance and I often have to wait till someone is home to do certain things, for instance, like safely shower.

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Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a Medical Refugee.

As our plane landed on a Las Vegas tarmac in January 2018, I stared at all the lights from the window just knowing that from that point on, my life was going to change forever.

I was there to marry my best-friend and soul mate. For better or worse. In sickness, and in health. But there’s no cure for my condition, so there was no getting better. It was just sickness, and no hope for better health. At least that's what the medical community told me and I believed them. I had no hope, until on that trip, everything changed.

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