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Disability Injustice: A Medical Refugee’s Plea for Safe & Affordable Access to Cannabis.

Welcome to Life with Chronic Illness. We live in a society where  if an animal has endured suffering, the masses come running; yet when a human falls ill and endures suffering, often they’re told to just be stronger?

We’re conditioned from a very young age to push through whatever life throws us; at least I was. But what if the obstacles can’t be moved? What if the obstacles, many of which cause daily, unfathomable pain, never go away? Welcome to life with chronic illness.

Before illness took over my life, I was living the dream. I was a career woman on top of my field, checking off the boxes society puts forth. Nothing could stop me, or so I thought. As my disability progressed, my limitations grew more and more and eventually, my career and life as I knew it was completely gone. I went doctor after doctor thinking there has to be a way to help me, to fix me, but unfortunately there were no fixes and little help. I am in fact permanently disabled.

Being chronically ill is a full time job, except without the pay and no off time. Each and every second of the day my life is consumed with pain and taking care of myself, to the best of my ability. For many daily tasks, I need assistance and I often have to wait till someone is home to do certain things, for instance, like safely shower.

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STONED SOBER: Lainie Ruth's Story

Today I am alive, well, and sober over 10 years because of cannabis.

Speaking properly, I use cannabis as a medication-assisted-treatment (MAT), also known as harm-reduction therapy for my substance use disorder. Not only does cannabis maintain my sobriety, it also aides my chronic back pain and debilitating panic attacks.

As a young child, I encountered severe emotional/verbal abuse and suffered multiple incidents of sexual abuse. My addictive behaviors began soon after, at around 10 years old. I would sneak wine out of the refrigerator at night and would steal cigarettes whenever I had the chance. At 15 years old, I was forced out of a long running soccer career by fracturing my lower back during a game. I was left with persistent pain and a lost identity, which sent my substance use disorder into hyper-speed.

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Medicated Brownie Recipe: Homage To A Feminist Icon

The close of Women’s History Month has us rethinking both the power language and perceptions of drug dealers with this deliciously sticky recipe by “the original pot brownie lady”. Hell, the first ingredient listed is, “Magic”.

Why there isn’t a Netflix documentary on the life and times of Meridy Volz, artist and creator of the infamous “Sticky Fingers Brownies”, we’re not entirely sure (hint, hint Netflix). After digging into the vaults of the 1970’s San Francisco ganja scene, we learned that Volz’s story was anything other than that of your average narcotics kingpin. Or shall we say, queenpin?

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A Survivor’s Story.

Ivoree is a self-healing enthusiast and mental health advocate based in Oceanside, Ca.. Read along as she gets way down, gut-level honest in this self-love anecdote.

❃ 𝕨𝕠𝕝𝕗𝕡𝕒𝕔𝕜 ❃ 𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕓𝕚𝕤 ❃ 𝕨𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕤 ❃

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| Corporate to Cannabis |

Sam ives in Las Vegas where she manages a local dispensary.

Cool facts about her include: participating in 2 World Club Crew Championships, she helped raise 1 million dollars for the victims of the Oct. 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting. She’s also a St. Jude board member for the Las Vegas Run/Walk and coaches a women’s veterans paddling team.

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A Year in Review: Becoming the (Wo)man in the Arena

It had been a year and a half since I learned about the pay-gap in my salary, an experience that left me in an incredibly dark space marked by: lack of sleep, severe anxiety, and a deep disappointment in both myself and a company that I had trusted dearly since starting as a 21-year old intern. I tried everything from taking melatonin to switching up my diet, but nothing seemed to help until I started experimenting with CBD and cannabis.

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Like a majority of the population, I was raised to think that the flower was pure evil, yet as I grew older, I also grew more curious about the plant. I had heard so much about. And, like any woman drawn to things others might be afraid of, I’m on a journey to educate myself and my community about this sacred plant: cannabis. For me, it’s personal.


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She Believes In The Power of Food as Medicine & That Certain Plants Help Raise Our Vibrations. Can You Guess Which Plant Was Our Fav To Dish On?

Obviously it’s the cannabis plant that brought this majestic human into our world, yet it’s the light that radiates that keeps us following along!

Whether you’re seeking outrageously delicious and healthy recipes, one-on-one health coaching, photography & design services, or modern plant education, the brain behind is your woman!

She graciously sat down with Cannabis for Breakfast to talk an unbridled relationship with health|wellness and how it’s helped shape her approach to coaching others.

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The Glam Witch on Herbalism, Hair, & Being a Businesswoman in a Mans World.

We sat down with San Francisco stylist, dancer, and herbalist Rachel Helzer to hear her cannabis wellness & entrepreneur journey—but what we got was enough wisdom to last til infinity!

No, seriously. If you find yourself doubting your body, yourself, or your direction in life, give this interview a read. It reminds us to work hard and listen our gut, but to always leave time to dance.  

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Gather in a women’s circle underneath a full moon and have better orgasms?!?That’s exactly what cannabis sensuality coach, Carli Jo, explained as part of the opening ritual of Puff, Pass, Pleasure, a monthly women’s circle created to “share flower, discuss sexual health and experience a guided meditation to activate an (sexually) energetic flow state to connect to your power source.”

I know—it’s a lot. Particularly given my own sexual barriers and inherent cynicism, but I went anyway. Because that’s what you do when you’re seeking to learn everything there is to know about a sacred medicine. And my findings, all too often seen as taboo, continue to shock even cynical me.

Last months circle, held at a private Santa Monica residence on the last Sunday of August, under a perfectly full moon, was no exception.

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