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BY: SAM R. | JANUARY 28TH, 2019


Image Credit:    On To A Dope Life

Image Credit: On To A Dope Life

What’s the most common question about my transition, you ask?

“So how did it all go down?”

Image Credit:    On To A Dope Life    pictured with a    Two Roots Beer.

Image Credit: On To A Dope Life pictured with a Two Roots Beer.

That question always makes me giggle.

“So how did it all go down?”

“Go down” like I met some kingpin drug dealer who offered me a deal that I couldn't refuse. This question is typically followed by “Do you even smoke?” Again, this lurid idea that the cannabis industry is filled with the counterculture folks, stoners, dropouts and hippies. There's no way that I belong! So how did I end up in the industry?

Well, to be honest 2018 kicked my ass-- or at least it tried to. I was laid off not once, but twice in the span of about eight months. The first job I worked with for four years; I thought I was an integral piece of the puzzle. I project managed programs responsible for millions of dollars, I worked to build our community outreach, I prioritized relationships and built strong connections. But when it came time for cuts, I was one of the first.

It was like a breakup, the partner that I loved did me wrong and knew it. Hardened and eager to show my value, I landed at a well known, billion dollar, publicly-traded company, with an office in Vegas. I was going to knock down doors and flex in my excellence there. It seemed as though they were waiting for me, brimming with excitement and anticipation. Holy hell were we all wrong!

I was stifled at every turn, every idea was immediately dimmed by the “That's not how we do it” speech, or “We tried that once and it didn't work”. I constantly raised my hand only to be looked over. Eventually we both decided that I was misled, they weren't as progressive as they thought and there was no longer a space for me there. I've called that position a flaming dumpster of fuckery in the past, but I've learned from that failure and am happy it led me to where I am now.

So what happened next?

A pity party, followed by one hell of a reckoning with myself.

I thought my way to success was going to be a direct line up the corporate ladder. I felt that I deserved that. What I deserved was to step outside of myself and the societal pressures I'd allowed to alter my definition of success.

Image Credit:    On To A Dope Life

Image Credit: On To A Dope Life

What did I want (Ryan Gosling voice)?!

I wanted freedom, financial growth, a place within the community and a team of like-minded individuals. Guess what? I found that and more. Call it cosmic connection or good old fashioned Vegas mingling, but I threw it out there and I quickly got a response. I'm now the GM of a beautiful dispensary. I make more money, I've made great connections, and get to be a part of something from the beginning!

Cannabis is a beautiful part of my life; a stress reliever, a healer, a fun night, a career and a lifelong adventure.

I hope that my platform, which is in its infancy, reflects what I believe a woman in cannabis can be-- which is anything and everything. I'm all over the map, a fan of art, history, architecture, business, beauty, education, fitness and more. The idea that I don't fit the mold of a woman here is laughable; every gal I've met has been an indelible force and I'm excited to meet more. I've already been contacted by a few people trying to get into the industry; I'll always lend an ear and a hand to raise someone up. I crave that interaction and I'm looking forward to more connections in the future.

I hate to be clichè but my experience personifies that old saying; it's really about how many times you get back up that makes the difference.

We're all going to get knocked down, I only hope we all find the determination to decide the bottom isn't where we belong.

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