My Journey to Cannabis, Healing, and Working With Those With PTSD


Image Credit:  Juliane Nowe

Image Credit: Juliane Nowe

My parents listened to the doctors. I listened to the doctors. We all listen to the doctors.

All anyone wants to do is the right thing for their child and for themselves. That’s what we thought we were doing: the right thing. We are bombarded with advertisements and subliminal messages in our society telling us that the doctor knows best. So we listened.

My parent and I were looking for answers as to why my immune system was so weak and why I was sick more than I was “well”. This began at birth and continued into my early adult life. Colic, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Seasonal Allergies, Food Allergies, Sinus infection, Sinusitis, candida and yeast infections, eczema, lung issues, tubes in my ears, cysts on my vocal chords, acid reflex and more.

I took the pills and it would treat symptoms for a bit, but it never addressed the root cause. It wasn't until I was an adult, in my early twenties, out on my own, and living in Halifax NS that I started asking my own questions.

The Why's

Every chronically ill person has them.

 Why is this happening?

What is causing these effects?

Why is this happening to me?

I started reading books on spirituality, alternative medicine and meditation. I also started going to yoga, found a Chinese medicine doctor to visit 3 times a week and started finding answers that doctors could never of told me, because some of these answers don't fit into a box or a checklist. The answers to your symptoms and your whys come from emotions, past experiences, trauma, memories, ignored feelings and so much more.

Long-term treatment to figure out one’s mind, body, and spirit, demands that you take your health into your own hands! My dad is 59 and he’s been smoking and growing cannabis since an early teenager! Doctors wanted to put him on opioids and medications with negative side effects (out weighing the possibility of providing relief to his back, ps.).

He said No and used cannabis instead. No Dr. would prescribe it to him, so he grew it himself and smoked his own. His friend with cancer used it, too. I also got to see cannabis used recreationally, you know, for fun. I smoked cannabis off-and-on as a teenager and began smoking it more once I realized it really helped with my anxiety and allowed me to focus. It was a huge compliment to the rest of my lifestyle I was developing.

Image Credit:  Juliane Nowe

Image Credit: Juliane Nowe

Fast forward to 2016, when I met the love of my life, Fabian Henry.

I was teaching yoga all throughout our community and started teaching a class to veterans (Oromocto, NB is a large military community). Fabian is the founder of Marijuana for Trauma (now called Canada House Wellness Group). All of the veterans involved with this program use cannabis to treat PTSD, brain injuries, chronic pain, social anxiety and so much more. The first time I met the group, I couldn't get over how amazing their cannabis smelled! It was also so much smoother than anything I had ever smoked before and they knew so much! I had no idea at the time what indica and sativa was, or why smoking was different than edibles.

I started adding cannabis to my life daily in multiple forms and ways to treat my immune system and overall health. Fabian smokes cannabis daily to treat PTSD symptoms.

We each rely on this plant in our own ways.

Since then, I have taken trainings as a Cannabis Coach, holistic health and life coach, trauma sensitive yoga and have recently added yoga and cannabis infused classes to my offerings. We host retreats a few times a year to our veterans and I have started to re-brand my YogaNowe Company to service anyone living with PTSD themselves or are a caregiver/spouse or a children affected with PTSD within the household. Most of my coaching clients are suffering with PTSD, taxiway, gut health, or are just fed up with “listening to the doctors” and finding no relief.

This is why I created LadyNowe: A space to treat symptoms holistically while getting to the root cause by connecting to the mind, body and spirit.

We all want to live a better quality of life and realize that it's not just one thing, it’s not just the cannabis, or the yoga, or the mediation, It's everything.

It's a lifestyle.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just finished creating a 3-part coaching series starting now until Jan 8 to promote my two new coaching programs. 

CANNABIS FOR BREAKFAST readers can enter code: NEWYEAR to receive 15% off the group coaching series and 15% off the 1:1 coaching package :)

What you can expect:

DAY ONE is all about your story, how to change it, become conscious about it and where you want to transform any part of your story to the next level.

Plus I share my story: before, now and where I’m working towards!

DAY TWO gives you the most simplest explanation EVER of the endocannabinoid system.

You will receive free education and what you need to know personally about yours!

DAY THREE is designing a desired outcome for you and why there isn’t just ONE thing that works.

You will discover what works for you, what doesn’t and how to focus on what you want to include in your lifestyle so you feel your best and are living your most optimal quality of life!

BONUS: At the end of the series you will receive an exclusive offer for 15% off my two brand new coaching programs starting Jan 8 and 9th!

Who’s in?

Image Credit:  Juliane Nowe

Image Credit: Juliane Nowe

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