How Knowing Your Zodiac Can Help You Deal With Chronic Illness (or anytime the shit hits the fan, really).

JUNE 25 2018  |  BY: SHANNON D. 

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
– Aristotle

They say that when you truly know yourself, you’re prepared to handle life and its many curveballs. And while I’m not sure about truly knowing much, one thing’s certain: I am all Capricorn, all day. 


I am all Capricorn,

all day.

I’m anxious, resentful, and pessimistic, yet will do anything for literally anyone.

Us Cappie's are intrinsic leaders and caretakers, too, only the flip-side is that it can be incredibly difficult to ask for or accept care ourselves. We’re also stubborn little shits and are prone to working ourselves right into illnesses. Yet for all the negative traits, attributed to the first sign in the zodiac, we’re also said to be the most determined of the Zodiac, something I found useful when battling chronic illnesses.

If you’re one of us, the millions living with chronic illness', then you know how hard it can be to get out of bed, let alone rally the energy necessary to face day-to-day pain, or the people who don’t seem to understand it.

So why is it that we forget these inherent self-truths, at the precise moment the shit hits the fan?

I think I spent the entire first year of being sick so incredibly angry at myself, at my body, at the people who assaulted me, at doctors, at life. Until one day it clicked: I needed to radically change my life and I'd begin with being kinder and gentler with myself, yet honest. There was no room left for pessimism, working myself sick, or the constant people pleasing I hadn’t realized I'd gotten so damn good at over the years!

In hushing my inner-cynic, I decided to channel my hardheaded goat into a bit of an experiment.

What would happen if I started to listen to thousands of others with chronic, often un-explainable illness? 

I mean, seriously. I finally realized that the worst that could happen was that I remained ill. 

So I left my toxic job. 

I started to FOLLOW THROUGH with the dozens of doctors’ appointments and visits to the lab; a journey unto itself, I assure you.

I got acupuncture religiously.

I started with 1-2 small walks a week, though I dreaded them and my feet would surely swell for hours afterwards, painfully and with a heat I can only liken to sunburn.

I began to google CBD for pain, only to stumble upon a plethora of literature on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, which I could easily credit as the start of a newer, cleaner, greener life for me. 

I began to watch how much sugar I was consuming. (Which, WTF?)  I truly didn't realize how much toxins like sugar, gluten, mold, and pesticides wreak havoc on our minds and bodies.

Listening to my body began to come easier, something entirely new for me. Apparently us Capricorns are the toughest nuts to crack, making it even more challenging to listen to our own bodies. Add that to the years of trauma, self-imposed and from others, you got yourself a perfect storm for sickness and disease. 

I’d also realized that I had stopped standing in my own truth in many areas of my life: relationships, ideologies, money, health. I was hugely out of alignment and it took getting sick for me to realize the gravity of it all. So when Mind Body Green asked, "Where in your life are you out of alignment with your values and truth?" I replied, "Everywhere". And then changed it.


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They floored me with this from my 2018 horoscope:

"Outmoded parts of your life and identity will fall away over the next three years, making way for a new and mature Capricorn 2.0 to emerge."

        & this: 

"You might change anything from your appearance to your diet to your friendships this year. Luckily, you’ll be attracting some wise and pioneering new people into your orbit—way-showers who can introduce you to a new way of seeing life"




Call it what you will,

I'LL just call it happiness...

Want more info on your individual 2018 horoscope,

visit the badasses at MIND BODY GREEN ASTROLOGY.  

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