She Believes In The Power of Food as Medicine & That Certain Plants Help Raise Our Vibrations. Can You Guess Which Plant Was Our Fav To Dish On?


Image Credit:    Zeroni

Image Credit: Zeroni

Obviously it’s the cannabis plant that brought this majestic human into our world, yet it’s the light that radiates that keeps us following along!

Whether you’re seeking outrageously delicious and healthy recipes, one-on-one health coaching, photography & design services, or modern plant education, the brain behind is your woman! She graciously sat down with Cannabis for Breakfast to talk an unbridled relationship with health|wellness and how it’s helped shape her approach to coaching others.

CFB: Can you share where you’re from and how you were first introduced to cannabis?

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K: Sure! I’m from Washington State, the East side, near Spokane. Cannabis was always around there. In high-school I suffered from extreme anorexia—which ultimately morphed into bulimia. Through it all, though, I kept coming back to realizing I didn’t hurt myself like that when smoking cannabis.  It wasn’t until my freshman year of college, when I became friends with someone whose grandma was one of the first medicinal patients in California that my entire idea of cannabis was shaped. It’s a medicine.

Through it all, though, I kept coming back to realizing I didn’t hurt myself like that when smoking cannabis. 
— Kyra,

CFB: Do you remember the first strain you smoked?

K: Ummmmmm, I do! It was Sour Diesel. I remember feeling happy, giggly, and excited to alive.

CFB: Did you always know you were going to help people as a career?

K: I sure hoped so! But I knew that I had my own healing to confront. In the process of becoming more health conscious, I also developed orthorexia, a condition that caused me to take the idea of my health too far and obsess over which foods I could consume.

CFB: Can you share more about that?

K: Sure. It’s like any addictive behavior, right?

I was obsessed with health and wellness like an addict would be with a drug. Luckily, I was able to use that time in my life as a tool to awaken me to my reality. I had a problem and I needed help. So when I went away college, I started experimenting with medicinal herbs and picking classes to help me learn to heal myself. It was difficult, yet I see the value now in my experience’s when helping others reach their health & wellness goals.

I knew I was meant to help people; I needed to help myself first.

CFB: Do you see differences in opinion around acceptance of mental wellness, compared to physical?

K: Absolutely! Society thinks they’re two different things when they aren’t! Look at all the mental illness in our society, and yet we’ve never figured out how to handle it the right way. Honestly, I don’t know that we’re compassionate enough to really ask a person how they’re doing. You know? We assume that everyone’s okay, especially if they “look” okay. But many aren’t.


CFB: Do you think we store trauma in our bodies?

K: Oh, yes! Especially women, which I can relate to. I think I see the struggle that women specifically deal with, yet I offer a radical solution: that we can heal ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. That’s my goal! To help women heal themselves, feel more alive in their bodies, and find grounding practices, and all of this begins with releasing the trauma(s) we’ve been storing.

CFB: You use cannabis in a lot of your recipes; do you also suggest consumption to your clients?

K: I don’t promote cannabis a lot, honestly. And a lot of my clients don’t actually like the act of smoking, which I understand. And I don’t promote a specific diet, either.

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CFB: We see you’ve used Mondo Powder. Can you tell us more?

K: Mondo is an amazing, low-dose hemp and cannabis powder that dissolves instantly into any food or drink. There is a slight cannabis flavor but it is mostly masked by the food you are mixing it in. It's the best daytime anxiety reliever I have found.

For me personally, I love making edibles! They taste great AND you still get the healing effects. If a client asks, I’ll definitely share some of my recipes. Because that’s how I share what I’m really passionate about: adaptagens!

Adaptagens are an herb or natural substance that help us adapt to stress, any kind of stress, which helps us become more balanced and reach homeostasis. Plus, they adapt to our individual bodies specifically. For me, cannabis is just another adaptagen. At some point, the scientific and wellness communities will align. We’ll be waiting until then. :)

CFB: Great Segway! Can you share your “go-to” food suggestions for someone living with depression and anxiety?

K: Absolutely! Green. Green. Green! Or any alkalizing foods, especially green veggies. They purify you, which is what’s needed for healing. And stay away from refined sugars! They’re evil. Some safe alternatives include: honey, maple syrup, or monk fruit. Raw cacao is great, too!

CFB:  How about Autoimmune Conditions?

K: I’d recommend the same. They’re so intertwined, after-all.

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CFB: Do you think isolation and the public’s obsession with social media plays a role in body image and self-confidence of people, mostly women?

K: Absolutely. I think we are all slightly affected by this, even when we don't realize it. We are flooded on a daily basis with images of women (most of whom we don't even know personally) and I think it's innate for us to compare ourselves to others, even if we do so subconsciously. Even outside of social media, the images we see billboards, ads, posters, even storefronts that are very isolating because they aren't real life scenarios. They perpetuate the myth of a 'perfect' a woman, yet none of are or should hope to be.

CFB: Advice for someone who’s struggling and doesn’t know where to begin on the path to wellness?

K: Sure. Find what exercise resonates with you, whatever that is. Some begin with a commitment to walking just ten minutes per day and that’s enough! We all need healing mechanisms and they don’t all need to look alike.  

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CFB: Do you feel like you’re enough?

K: I do right now. But there are times that I don’t, which I think is common. Whether it’s as a health coach, or questioning if I’m a good enough lover, or friend, I’ve found very grounding practices that help me move through those thoughts. I also LOVE meditation and dancing. Hiking is huge for me, too. I get visual stimulation when I’m out in nature. Maybe it’s because I’m from the mountains and it reminds me of home.

CFB: And how can potential clients we reach you? 

K: You can find me on my website 

or on Instagram at